Miracles of the Departed Messenger: Stories of Rasulullah (S)


During the Khilafat of Umar (R) Madina was troubled by great drought and hunger. A certain man presented himself at the grave of Rasulullah (S) saying: “O Rasulullah your ummah is suffering destruction. Beseech Allah that rain descend from the heavens.”

Thereupon he saw Rasulullah (S) in a dream in which Rasulullah (S) said to him: “Convey my salaam to Umar and tell him rain will come. Tell him also that he holds on to intelligence and reason.” The man conveyed the message to Umar (R). When he heard the message Umar (R) wept bitterly and exclaimed: “O Allah as much as is in my power I try not to be unmindful.” (Wafa-ul-Wafa)


Allamah Ahmad bin Qastalaani (RA) (rahmatullah alaihi) the famous scholar of hadith writes in his book Mawaahib Ladunni: “Once I became so severely ill that doctors despaired for my health. For many years I remained thus. Then one day on the 28th of Jumaadal Ulaa 893 A.H. (May 10, 1488) while in Mecca I prayed to Allah through the waseelah of Rasulullah (S) that Allah heal me of my affliction. While I was asleep I saw a vision in which I saw a man with a piece of paper in his hand on which was written: ‘Rasulullah (S) has commanded that this medicine be give to Ahmad bin Qastalaani.’ When I awoke I discovered that no sign of my illness remained.”


Shaikh Anul Khair al Aqta (RA) said: “Once on a visit to Madina I suffered such hunger because for five days I had absolutely nothing to eat. I could not even find something to taste. I went to the grave of Rasulullah (S) and having greeted the Master and his two companions (likely Abu Bakr (R) and Umar (R), the two men buried at his side) I said to Rasulullah (S): ‘O Rasulullah tonight is my desire to be your guest.’ Having said that I proceeded towards the mimbar and went to sleep behind it. In my sleep I saw a vision of Rasulullah (S) sitting with Abu Bakr (R) on his right and Umar (R) on his left and Ali (R) in front of him. Ali (R) called me and said: “Look, Rasulullah (S) has arrived’. I rose and Rasulullah (S) gave me a piece of bread in my hand. I ate half of it. When I awoke from that sleep I discovered that I still had the other half of that bread in my hand.” (Rowdh and Wafa)



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